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Our Cancer Interest is breast cancer.

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I am the child of a cancer survivor.

I am interested in Breast Cancer Awareness

At 17, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. As her caregiver, I assisted her in every way needed in and out of the hospital. I saw her go through the pains of a lumpectomy and radical hysterectomy. After surgery, I can remember helping the medical transporters take her back to recovery room. She was in pain. These images never disappeared from my mind.

My mother’s illness placed a huge financial burden on our family during her treatment and many years afterwards. Both real estate and other items of value were sold not only to cater for the cost of treatment but to maintain her quality of life.

My mother was never sure she would survive cancer, I remember the night prior to surgery, before we actually embarked on the 6 hours bus ride to the hospital, she handed to me her will. It was a very difficult moment and experience for both of us. We hugged each other in tears and said good night not knowing if we would have another chance. With surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, my mother is a breast cancer survivor today after more than 20 years.

My page and my campaigns should be supported because of authenticity and having met every standard of verification. I have a history of financial toxicity due to cancer and reaching out to help people faced with similar situation my family encountered many years ago is of prime importance to me. I believe that money is very important to fight cancer and I have dedicated my work these last 8 years to find a solution to better assist families plagued by financial toxicity as a result of a love one diagnosed with cancer. Please, support me, support my page, my campaigns and above all, support

I am very willing to support other members and their campaigns to the best of my financial availability. All funding requests sent to me shall be reviewed and assistance shall be provided to campaigns I consider of high need. With this in mind, I will state that giving is very important to me. We cannot only be on the receiving end. Actually, when we receive only we gain but when we give, we are at the epic of making a life. It is important that one makes giving a lifestyle and that is just part of me.

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