We bring people together, people with a cancer connection like survivors, patients, advocates, caregivers, friends, families, surviving friends and families—even cancer sympathizers. We also bring businesses into the fold, so they can have direct involvement in the giving process while aligning their brand with their client base. In short, we’re a vast, supportive community.

The lack of transparency in the industry hasn’t just hurt donors. It's hurt fundraisers, as well, since beneficiary verification increases donor confidence which, in turn, helps campaigners reach their financial goals. Start fundraising on the platform that guarantees authenticity for both campaign beneficiaries and donors.


HIPAA Compliant Fax Solution
We've designed Just4Cancer with an integrated HIPAA compliant electronic fax solution. This lets a member send a fax directly from your member page to the facility providing care and from the care facility back to us.

Cash Match and Give-Back Awards
At Just4Cancer, we live our philosophy, contributing to members through give-back awards. Give-back awards are based on membership and engagement, with members selected at random to receive give-back awards or to earn our cash-match award. This is just our way of helping to minimize the financial burden of cancer.

Dual Fundraising Channel
Page sponsorships help you raise donations by creating a page and sharing that page with your network of friends. Anyone in your network may donate to support your membership after reading your personal story and cancer-related content. There’s no time limit on how long you can raise funds through page sponsorships. The second way to raise funds is through a campaign. Easily create either a single-owner or team campaign. Then set your end date prior to the date you’ll need to withdraw funds.

Charity Residual Income
This applies only to cancer charities whose supporters are raising funds on Just4Cancer and select them as their cancer charity of choice. Member selects charity and charity receives uninterrupted free income flow from us. Charity makes money without spending money.

0% Platform Fee
Our platform is free with low transaction dues per donation. 0% platform fee applies to personal campaigns, charity campaigns and both personal and nonprofit sponsorships. We further have 0% transaction dues which apply to all funeral campaigns. We use Stripe which charges 2.9% plus $0.30 transaction fee for credit and debit card donations. See transaction dues

Cancer Charity Award
Our Cancer Charity Awards showcase philanthropic organizations that are pitching high-impact community projects in return for funding. All member cancer charities are automatically signed up for our Cancer Charity Awards.

Member2Member Give Back Campaign
Because Just4Cancer was designed in the spirit of giving, we encourage contributions among and between our members. As part of this, we’ve integrated a give-back feature, which will remind members to support their fellow members. This is particularly helpful for those who aren’t the type to give voluntarily. It aligns with our philosophy that when you receive you gain; but in giving, you make a life. And while we encourage the act of giving, we’ll never make it a requirement.

Business Social Impact
Just4Cancer makes it easier than ever for businesses to make a direct social impact on the lives of families who already support their brand along with families that have a direct or indirect connection with their brand. Those representing a business can set their maximum donation limit and Just4Cancer will distribute funds across to members who fit their impact requirement. They can also accept requests for gift donations from members or non earmarked tax deductible funding from charities.

Art and Fashion Events
Another exciting difference is that we offer fashion shows along with art and charity fundraising events and awards. All members are automatically enrolled in all of our active events by default with the potential to raise more money to support their campaigns.

Charity Review & Monetization
You can support Just4Cancer charities when you post a review using the charity impact on my life feature. If a charity has affected your life or the life of someone you know in a positive way, we encourage members to review those charities to help them raise funds and to provide the same impact on the lives of many others. Help us be of help to those charities that have helped you.

Donor Update
But how safe is Just4Cancer? We require that members stay accountable to donors at all times. This ensures fundraising pages and campaigns stand the chance of raising more within a short period of time. Consider your campaign a project, one that demands reporting on how campaign funds are being used. And use our project update feature to easily share that information with donors. Members can even share content, photos, and videos to build donor trust. Not only does this attract direct donor interest but, shared across the platform, it can notably expand your reach. Plus transparency and accountability directly correlate with donor trust and their willingness to give.

Funeral Support
We also provide a platform to assist with funeral fundraising, so loved ones have the time they need to be there for one another during their time of need. When you launch a funeral fundraising campaign, you’ll need to submit to us the documentation verifying that the recipient’s cause of death was cancer. We go the extra mile with a little give-back made possible by other members and supporters who share in the same spirit of giving. The give back is not given to everyone but everyone has the possibility of being a recipient if they are selected in the random funeral assistance draw.

Leading the Future of Cancer Fundraising

Beneficiary verification
Just4Cancer is the only fundraising platform that protects donors and fundraisers. We verify campaign beneficiaries. We make sure beneficiaries are who our members say they are.

Dual fundraising channel
Our dual fundraising channel provides you with a greater fund raising potential 24/7/365

Simple setup
Setting up your profile is easy and direct

Secure withdrawal
Funds are withdrawn securely using two-form authentication

0% platform fee
Our platform is free and always will be. We will never charge our members any fee for using our platform. 0% platform fee for live

Low Transaction Dues
We have one of the lowest transaction dues per donation in the industry with lots of give back rebates to our members

Member2member GiveBack
We believe in members sharing each other's burden and collectively fight the financial impact of cancer on all.

Cash Match Option
Helping families affected by cancer is core to our mission. We do not only encourage giving, we are at the forefront of giving. our members reap the benefit of belonging.

Give Back program
We join our members to give, helping them to fight the financial impact of cancer daily.

Art and fashion Events
We boost the image of our members, their friends and families using the power of art and fashion which further propels fundraising.

Real Ranking Chart
All event subscribers can see their position upon screen refresh for any active event

Donor protection
We protect donors by making sure all campaigns with verified beneficiaries carry our verified logo.

Donor update
We make it a requirement for our members to update their donors on how their campaign funds were used.

24/7 Support
With our team of busy professionals , we are ready to support you 24/7 making sure you meet and exceed your fundraising goals

0% fee for funeral campaigns
We understand the hardship that comes with losing a love one. As such all funeral campaigns related to cancer have 0% fee

Funeral Give Back Support
Members with funeral campaigns are further supported with a little give back.

Social media
Make use of the power of social media by sharing your profile and campaigns to friends.

Charity Review Monetization
Charities are able to monetize their positive reviews shared on our news board by members.

Lifetime Charity Residual Income
We donate to all cancer charities in real time 30% of our transaction dues for each donation received by a member who supports the charitable work of the charity

Tagged Tip Donation
Donors can give tip donations to cancer charities while supporting a member if the fundraising member supports the charitable work of a charity.

Donor Access
Members have access to registered donors and can request for support based on cancer interest, region and activity level.


It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.


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