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Acute lymphocytic Leukemia

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Our Cancer Interest is acute lymphocytic leukemia.

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I am a cancer survivor.

I am interested in Acute lymphocytic Leukemia Awareness

I am a Filipino, 55 yrs old, and a practicing lawyer. I have been diagnosed with ALL in 2019. I went on remission for a year, but my ALL recurred in March 2020. I underwent a second induction protocol and, fortunately, went on remission for the second time.

There are many depiatric patients all o er the country who cannot have their chemo treatment at the only complete givernmrnt primary health care facility in the Philippines, the Philippine General Hospital, located in Manila because they do not have transportation and a nearby place to stay for them and their guardians that they can afford. There are vehicles for rent that can take them to PGH but they cañnot afford the rent. There are also a lot of hotels around PGH but they also cannot afford to rent a room for a few days to completec their treatment. Chemo is provided free or partially subsidized by the govt or they are able to borrow money to pay for the treatment, but they do not have enough money for travel, board & logding.

I hope we can help these children with cancer, mostly leukemia, to find a place or shelter to stay near the PGH, and transportation to bring them to PGH for their chemo.

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