Just4Cancer Foundation, Inc is a 501c3 charitable entity that fights financial toxicity of cancer by providing need base financial assistance to families affected by cancer through tax deductible donations from corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

The foundation identifies areas where families are affected by financial toxicity of cancer and looks for possible ways of helping to reduce this burden through broad-base partnerships and smart integrated giving.

Fighting financial toxicity of cancer on families globally.

A world without financial toxicity of cancer on families.


1. Medication Delivery
Cancer patients and survivors are amongst the population group more vulnerable to COVID-19.

To protect patients and survivors from COVID-19, Just4Cancer Foundation provides full subsidization of medication delivery made possible by donations from valuable partners.

Our medication delivery program keeps patients and survivors at home while we provide a free on demand medication delivery service from their pharmacy to their homes through our delivery partners.

On demand medication delivery is currently available in Las Vegas with expansion to other cities and states soon.

Next city: New Haven, Chicago, New York, Charlotte, Los Angeles or your vote.


2. Earmark Giving
Through Earmark Giving, Just4Cancer Foundation makes it possible for corporations, small businesses and individuals to make tax deductible earmarked donations to support cancer charities, individuals and families affected by cancer and fighting financial toxicity.

Earmarked donations are made to eligible recipients on Just4Cancer.com based on each donor's defined earmark criteria. Donors have visibility of donations made to all recipients in real time.


3. Cash Match Donation
Coming soon


4. Transportation Assistance.
Coming soon


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It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.



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