1.What is Just4Cancer?

Just4Cancer is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform connecting donors with individuals affected by cancer along with cancer causes. Unique to the site is the organization’s hand-vetting of beneficiaries to ensure all members are genuine cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, or causes. Beyond fundraising, Just4Cancer provides a supportive network where like-minded individuals can connect and share their experiences.

Just4Cancer is a mission-first and socially impactful entity. We are committed to our cause and deeply rooted in our conceptual philosophy of giving.

2.How many types of membership are on Just4Cancer and what are they?

There are currently five types of membership on Just4Cancer, namely; Fund Finders, Charities, Models, Designers/Artists, and Donors.

3.How do I know which type of membership will be best for my campaign?

1.Start your campaign as a Fund Finder if you want to raise money for any purpose without participating in any of our fashion show events.

2.Start your campaign as a Charity if you are a legal cancer charity wanting to raise additional funds to support your programs and also compete in our Cancer Charity Fund contest.

3.Start your campaign as a Model if you want to raise funds for any purpose and participate in our fashion show events as well.

4.Start your campaign as a Fashion designer, Artist or Photographer if you want to raise funds, compete for a place in our Arts and fashion contests, and our Cancer Designers Fund.

5.Start as a donor if you want to provide only financial support to the campaigns of friends, families, charities and all affected by cancer.

Details of each of the membership types are further explained in this FAQ.

4.How do I make money on this platform?

Register as a Fund Finder, Model, Designer/Artist or Cancer Charity and start your campaigns. Based on the amount of money funded to your campaigns, you decide what percentage to donate to your selected charity at cash out…and the rest is yours to keep. Even when your campaign ends, your fundraising never ends. Your profile on our site continues to raise money for you on a daily basis. Just tell your story boldly! You are also entered into our cash match program to raise more money. How easy!

5.Who is eligible to participate on Just4Cancer?

Everyone 13 years of age or older is eligible to register and raise funds either as a Fund Finder, Model, Designer, Artist. Children under the age of 13 can participate in our fashion shows with parental consent. Visit our Runway Portal for more information. If your child is selected you will be notified via email.

6.Can members use a display name (that is an alias) for their page?

Yes, it is possible for members to use a display name at anytime. Simply go to your edit profile and update your page with a display name of your choice.

7.Must my income level be entered before I can raise funds?

Entering your income level is optional. This information is not made public on your profile, it is private to you. Income levels help us know the background of our members and the economic impact of cancer on members.

8.Why does Just4Cancer involve friends, families and caregivers when they are not the individual with cancer?

Though the effects of cancer most directly affect the individual with cancer, its impact extends to the relatives or friends who care for the person with cancer.

Family and friends are often central in providing care or assistance in both the immediate and long term management of cancer. Furthermore, as a result of advances in treatment and health care changes, much of cancer care is offered on an outpatient basis and is performed at home by caregivers. Research indicates that caregiving can be both demanding and burdensome – physically, emotionally, and financially – for many cancer caregivers.**

9.Can I support a cancer charity with the funds I raise?

Charitable giving is an integral part of our business and as a registered member of our platform you have the opportunity to financially support a cancer charity of your choice and indicate what percentage of your campaign funds will be donated. While this is obligatory the minimum amount is 2.5% or $10.

10.What happens to funds upon a member’s death?

The funds shall be paid out to the benefactor. The following documents are required for the payout:
1. Notarized affidavit that clearly states that the benefactor has the legal rights to receive pay out;
2. Certified copy of death certificate; and
3. Notarized copy of benefactor’s drivers license
Email all the above as an attachment Make sure the name of the member and date of birth are stated on the top right corner of each document.

11. What happens to funds raised by a charity or on behalf of a charity if the charity fails to maintain its tax exempt status?

Once we realize that a charity’s tax exempt status has been revoked, the following actions shall be taken:
1. The charity is immediately deactivated
2. No funds can be processed by the charity or on behalf of the charity
3. The charity is given 360 days to get back its tax exempt status
4. If not rectified within the stated period, the funds are refunded to donors.

12. Will the tax exempt status of charities be verified before funds are released?

Yes, the tax exempt status of all charities shall be verified before funds are released.

13. I really want to raise more money. How can I raise more money outside of my network?

We have integrated tools that help you connect with people on other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

14. Will the funds I raise be matched?

Yes, we have a Fund Matching Program. However, to be considered, you must be an active Just4Cancer member for a minimum of 60days. Once eligible, you will be entered into our fund matching draw when we start the process. We shall match a percentage of the amount your campaign raised dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $250. The number of recipients shall be determined on a rolling basis.

15. Will the matched amount and recipients increase monthly?

Yes, we look forward for these to increase though we have no time frame at this time.

16. Is my contributions tax deductible?

Your contribution to a cancer charity through Just4Cancer qualifies for tax deduction. As such, your contribution receipt shall include the name of the cancer charity you supported, its entity identification number and the amount you donated to the charity.

17. Are fund beneficiaries on verified before payout?

Yes, all fund beneficiaries on Just4cancer are 100% verified.

18. How are campaigns vetted on

We vet the beneficiary of each campaign. Each beneficiary must prove to us that they are a cancer patient, survivor, cancer caregiver who provided care to a patient or survivor or have a patient, survivor or care giver guarantor with verified clinical status.

19. Are funeral campaigns verified on

Yes, we verify the validity of each funeral campaign before funds are made available for withdrawal by the fundraiser.

20. As a member must I donate to support other members?

As a peer to peer platform with giving being one of its core founding principles, we encourage as much giving amongst members as possible. However, we will never make it a requirement. And when you give, you will enjoy the internal satisfaction of making a life both today and tomorrow.

21. What is the Just4Cancer platform fee?

Just4Cancer is free. There is no platform fee. However, to develop the operations of the community and foster community stability and growth, we introduced very minimal transactional support dues and community fund matching contributions.

22. How do I get the best out of Just4Cancer?

Belong, engage, receive and give.

23. How does Just4cancer verify that all funds raised are used as intended?

We do not police members on how they chose to utilize the funds they raise on our site. However, we have a policy that our members are accountable to their donors. They must prove to donors that the money donated to their campaign was used appropriately. Without donor accountability that involves photos of receipts, activities and/or videos of how money was legitimately spent, members will not be able to withdraw funds of any future fundraising campaign.

24. Can Members create a team Campaign?

Yes, members can create and raise money as a team with one central team administrator.

25. Can Members create campaigns for their pets diagnosed with cancer?

Not at this time but we are working to include the financial need of pet owners on our platform as well. Stay tuned.

26. How are funds raised on behalf of a charity or non charity entity processed for withdrawal?

If you are raising money on behalf of a charity or on behalf of a program managed by your employer, it is important to have the email address of the charity administrator, program administrator or someone with authority to validate your fundraising. After validation and verification, funds are transferred to the account of the entity.

27. How are charities vetted through Just4Cancer’s giving system?

Just4Cancer uses IRS’ master charity list to verify that participating organizations are 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations in the U.S. in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and in compliance with the Patriot Act. We further use Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau’s for further verification.

28. How does Just4Cancer ensure platform safety and security?

Just4Cancer understands your concerns about safety and security and wants to assure you that we make every effort to safeguard our users’ privacy when they make donations through our giving system.
The information below spells out our privacy and security practices.  If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact us at You can read Just4Cancer’s privacy, security and disclosures statement here (privacy statement)
Just4Cancer uses Stripe to process all financial transactions. Stripe is a PCI DSS 3.0 Compliant Service Provider. We equally make use of Two Form Authentication for all withdrawals. Furthermore, our servers are kept in a SSAE16 certified (formerly known as SAS 70) datacenter with 24×7 monitoring with annual audit.

29. I am not based in the United States. How can I raise funds on Just4Cancer?

Since verifying and validating each campaign’s beneficiary is part of our founding principles, we want to make it easy for all families to raise money on Just4Cancer. However, considering that not every country has the structure in place for digital verification, we have made fundraising on our platform possible at this time for US residents only. That notwithstanding, we currently have an ongoing pilot for residents of Cameroon. For families residing in Cameroon, download and sign our medical release form. Take it to your provider (doctor/oncologist). Submit your medical release form, selected medical record, cancer story, photos (before and during treatment or after treatment) and video (if available) including a certified copy of national identification card to Make sure your phone number is included in the email. After our verification is satisfactorily completed, a campaign shall be established on your behalf on our platform.
We intend to expand to other countries with digitized and non digitized medical records capabilities in the near future.

30. How soon shall Just4Cancer be opened for global audience?

Everyone can be a donor on Just4Cancer. However, to create a campaign, Just4Cancer must be able to verify your campaign/campaigns beneficiary/beneficiaries. We currently have a verification process in place for US residents only and also an ongoing verification pilot for campaigns from residents of Cameroon. We shall make an announcement when we open up to residents of other countries.

*Just4Cancer reserves the right to make changes to the above information with or without any advance notice.
**Cancer Caregiving in the U.S - National Alliance for Caregiving. Revised 10/20/2019.

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.



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