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Our Cancer Interest is breast cancer.

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I am interested in Breast Cancer Awareness

I am a Medical Physicist (of Cameroonian Origin) living in a town call Kassel Germany. i have to choose a sate in the USA because there is no option for people living in Europe. I hope Just 4 Cancer will do something about this. We have an NGO call MEPHIDA based in Germany. Mephida e.V – which is based on physics for radiation therapy care – is an independent NGO with a novel approach to improve cancer care in Africa.
We are committed to advocating for the improvement of radiation therapy care in Africa.
We are the first of its kind to support and promote radiation physics services for cancer care in West Africa
I will like to help Cancer patient in Africa especially Cameroon because we dont have the Treatment Facilities and above all lack of Funds available for the patients to Have proper Treatment in Cameroon. So for the main time i try to Organise treatment for elsewhere which is cheap and Good standards.
I hope i will find other people who will join me in this journey. Provide cancer care for the poor in Africa.

We are the first of its kind to support and promote radiation physics services for cancer care in West Africa by:

Coordinating, encouraging and extending network and voluntary mentorship services to medical physicists, hospitals and universities in Africa from experienced medical physicists around the World.
Disseminating and providing factual information through seminars, workshops and roundtable meetings to the volunteers.
Establishing closer working links between radiation oncology professionals/students in Africa and in the diaspora.
Consulting regarding medical equipment purchases, planning, construction of radiation shielding buildings and radiation protection.

Yes I am willing to Support other members. This is very important for me because i deal with cancer patients everyday in my career and it pains me that in Africa patient dont have the most basic cancer care. So its my gaol to help how i can. MEPHIDA have done lots of work in the past years in Africa. You can visit our website to check the work.

Yet to work on Project updates

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