Click here to support Funeral for 2 Year Old Baby With Kidney Cancer., organized by Clifford Rhayns

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Funeral for 2 Year Old Baby With Kidney Cancer.

Baby Patty left us today, January 16, 2020 to meet her creator. I will like to appeal to everyone who receives this fundraising request to kindly support her family. Her family is left with huge medical bills and a funeral cost to feed. Kindly support.

Read her campaign story we posted prior to her passing:

At a young age, Charlotte was diagnosed with sarcoma - a form of cancer she fought for many years as a young vibrant girl. Her family never thought she will survive. There was a divine miracle in her life. She won her battle against sarcoma. She went ahead with her life, her education, graduating from university, fell in love and got married. Charlotte was blessed with a beautiful daughter not long after marriage.

Her history of sarcoma was more than ten years ago yet the memory of that battle, the trauma and pain registered including the financial hardship it brought to her family are all still very fresh in her mind. She would not want to wish sarcoma or any form of cancer to anyone else.

Today presents a different story, however. This time, it is not Charlotte but her young baby of 2 years old. She fell ill and has been in and out of the hospital. Doctors discovered a tumor in one of her kidneys and sent to the lab for evaluation. The result came back positive for kidney cancer. The parents of this little girl are at their lowest energy and asking God for his miracle daily- the same miracle that he relinquished upon her mother many years ago..

Last Tuesday December 17, was a sad day for Charlotte as her daughter almost left the world. When I called her, she could not even talk…All I could faintly gather was her saying, she’s being re-animated. We ended the conversation there and 2 days later, she called me. Her daughter had surgery and the affected kidney was removed. She is currently on life support as of today January 11, 2020.

Though she is improving, this young family is hard hit with out of pocket expenses, huge co-pays and out of network costs. With the Christmas spirit of giving, kindly help baby Patty have another day with whatever you can afford.

With gratitude,
Clifford Rhayns






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