Tribute to Rose

Tribute to Rose

Tribute to my mother, Rose, standing strong as a fearless woman with style and grace. Each hurdle that you overcome is a badge of honor. You are blessed each day that you live to see another day.


My mother just recently lost her battle with cancer, but she would not want anyone to reflect upon her memory with pity. She was a warrior… tried and true. She survived breast cancer and was in the middle of the battle with the deadly, and unforgiving ovarian cancer however, those diseases are not what defined her as a strong woman. Despite her afflictions, she was a proud single mother of four, a grandmother and recently a great grandmother that continued to persevere as she pursued her educational goals. Not many can say that they pushed through chemo and finals in the pursuit of their undergraduate degree from Texas A&M. No one would’ve blamed her for giving up but that is not apart of our genetic makeup. She made numerous sacrifices for her family and served as a source of motivation to the children within her church. She was, is and always will be a phenomenal woman. #just4cancer

Written by: La Reina Zuri

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