Thank You – Just4Cancer’s Live

Thank You – Just4Cancer’s Live

We had an idea. What if we could make a real difference in someone’s life? Then we thought, what if we could unite an entire community around the same concept?

That’s exactly what we’ve accomplished, which is why I’m excited to announce that October 2019 marks eight years since was first conceived. And now it’s finally, officially become a reality. While the dream was mine, the end product is yours. 

This milestone comes after years of research and development, some of which took place locally and some abroad in India, Romania, the Virgin Islands, and Canada. It also comes trailing several name iterations, from “iYcare”, “IYcairre” and “Zhleet” to “Model4Cancer”—and alas “Just4Cancer”. We think Just4Cancer says it all, don’t you?

Like every start-up, though, Just4Cancer faced its own set of challenges along the way only to rise stronger than ever—with every failed concept or approach shifting us closer toward the brand we’re launching today. Still, we have much work to do as we grow awareness and connect new donors with those affected by cancer. 

I’m immensely grateful for my team including Steve Zamzow, Barry Lieberman, Dr. Tameka Ellington, Adam Katz, Dr. Ulysees Labille, Doretha Burrell, Claire Herbert, Ngosong Fonkem, and Keeon Rudder, who worked as advisors, along with the many contractors, supporters, and testers who’ve contributed their talents along the way. Their efforts, voluntary contributions, dedication, and sacrifice were essential to reaching this important milestone. 

I’d also like to thank our micro-investors, the friends and family who believed in us, those who invested in us, and everyone backing the project. This continuous support in cents, in thousands, and in hours of moral support drove the project from concept through completion. Additionally I’m grateful for everyone who offered constructive criticism, all of which helped to refine our vision. Without the support we received, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Above all, thanks to my mother, Magdalene Shalo, a Stage 3 breast cancer survivor. It was my mother’s diagnosis that provided my awareness around the issues, complications, and challenges faced by those diagnosed with and affected by cancer. It was also my mother’s diagnosis that motivated me to build a reputable platform offering a way to connect compassionate donors with verified patients and families in need. In my mother’s honor, we’ve created the Magdalene Shalo Cancer Freedom Award.Without her struggle, Just4Cancer would not be here today.

But this journey has only begun. We’ll still need to grow awareness, improve our technology, and manually verify new members. Doing this takes time and resources. Are you in a position to help us spread the word? There are so many ways to get involved in our cause—from donating time to launching a workplace fundraiser or contributing financial resources.

How can you get involved? Easy.

> Visit to register.

> Like us on Facebook at

> Read and share our helpful blogs at

> Write a guest post for our blog.

> Make a voluntary contribution to keep Just4Cancer thriving at https://just4cancer/donations

Thank you and may God not only richly bless you but give you the strength to continually make a difference daily in the lives of others.

Keep thriving!

Clifford T. Rhayns

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