You never know when you will reach rock bottom, but when you get to rock bottom you know it is rock bottom. That was me 3 years ago at the age of 27, I unexpectedly got diagnosed June 10th, 2015 with breast cancer. It was such a shock because I had not family history,  no underlying conditions that I knew at that time and being a nursing student I had done a couple of research papers on breast cancer. Funny how God prepares us for the journeys ahead.

One evening I was taking my shower and my hand accidentally felt this lump, I must be one of those who pay attention to their bodies. The next day I rushed to my primary care physician who of course brushed it off to be a cyst, being my last semester in Nursing school and a mother of 2 under 5 and a wife. I had my hands full to run after doctors but I did, I changed doctors, went to the ER and still got a cyst diagnosis. Thank God one doctor reluctantly ordered a sonogram after I gave her a lot of pressure. Why I had the instinct to keep searching I know not. Long story short the sonogram then a biopsy later that day, then back home. I was hoping and thought that was the last time I will hear from them.

It took about 3 weeks before I finally got a call. Because I had no PC in that hospital so they did not know who will relay the message, need I say the call came and yes, sorry it is cancer, stage 3. “What?”, that was chaotic. Doctors appointments, breast doctors, fertility clinic, surgeons, oncologists, more scans, school and work at night. Waooo.

I started chemo immediately, dropped out of school because my professor will not let me do clinical due to my immune system being compromised. 6 rounds of chemo, complete double mastectomy with reconstruction a year after. Hormone treatment till date. Unfortunately, the last day of my hormone Herceptin treatment my son got diagnosed with a brain tumor and died 11 months later. My then-husband also filed for divorce shortly before my son died. My daughter and I moved to another city to start over and help make the world a better place. I finally finished with nursing school and I am now a hospice nurse helping people with a terminal illness.

Going through cancer was rock bottom for me and to everyone who is or had and will walk the path. Let’s make a change in stopping rock bottom or contributing to make rock bottom better for someone. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!!!!

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