My Story: Daisy Achidi

My Story: Daisy Achidi

I was diagnosed of breast cancer in December 2017. Being told I had breast cancer was heartbreaking. At that moment those words felt like a sword piercing through my heart, my whole world came to a standstill and a million questions raced through my mind at the same time. Am I going to die? Is this the end of the road for me? What did I do to deserve this? Am I being punished for my sins?. How do I break such news to my parents and siblings? I also thought about my cousin who died of breast cancer and all she had to suffer before her death. I was scared out of my mind. I knew it was going to be a difficult time emotionally and financially for my family. Then I thought about my job and how long I waited and prayed to have it and now that I finally had it, cancer was going to take it all away from me. What was supposed to be a beautiful Christmas holiday with family turned out to be nine months of pain and suffering.

After meeting with a counselor and my surgeon I developed a new perspective. I wasn’t as worried as I thought about loosing a breast and also loosing my hair. I decided that day I will not let cancer determine my happiness and future. I knew deep down in me that I will finish my treatment and go back to work. I knew I had to beat cancer so I turned to God and surrendered everything to Him. I  knew on my own I didn’t have the power to fight this disease so I decided to lean on God. From then on throughout I became strong, courageous and a fighter. I remember I used to console my mum saying it’s just a matter of time before I am well again. I told her I am not dying anytime soon. I knew I had to brave for my family because it was hard on them as well.

God gave me abundant courage and strength throughout. I loved myself more,  I was happier and strong spirited. I became more determined to live than ever before. Its been seven months now since I finished treatment and I am fine. I know I am healed. I  will remain forever grateful to God and all those who stood by me throughout my ordeal, my family, colleagues and friends. I am blessed to have my job back after the long leave of absence. I consider myself to be a living miracle and that is why I share my story so I can encourage someone out there who is affected by cancer in one way or the other. Whatever you do, never ever give up hope. Decide to fight till the end, don’t throw in the towel no matter how hard it is. Take it to God and let him handle it. I know the battle is won but the war is still on so I will keep fighting. 

Daisy Achidi – A Fighter!

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