Glenn Archie’s Story

Glenn Archie’s Story

Hello I’m Glenn.  I’m here to talk to people who had cancer or someone you know who has cancer. I have had  2 aunts who has subcolm from cancer and I fought with brain cancer 15 years ago. 

I had been having headaches and while at work I couldn’t bend over to get boxes. I told my supervisor that I had to go to the hospital.  When I get there I’ll told the doctor I had been having a headache and I couldn’t get rid of it. She said it may be migraine so she suggested I get a CAT scan.  I did then she came back and said it’s a spot on your brain so I will have to stay in the hospital. She asked me if I wanted to be admitted now before July 4 or wait til after and go to another hospital. I said let me go home. Now that I I think about it I was scared.

So on that Monday I went to hospital and they took a piece out of my brain to see if it was cancer or not. It was. They give me a doctor to go to and see. I was thinking to myself that it was nothing so I asked the doctor, how long do I have to live? He looked at me and said are you sure I said yeah. He said three years. I was lost I went home and I prayed to God and I said God,  I know I wasn’t the best person but I’m putting everything in your hands, if I die I’m okay if I live okay but I put it in your hands.

I came out of the surgery pretty good but 5 months later I had to do another surgery so at this time I said to myself I want to see how much I can do within that 3 years.  I got married around my family but then I I realize it’s been 5 years still alive they told me I couldn’t go back to work. I was only getting $600 a month.  I said I got to come back to work. I got to come back to work because $600 wasn’t enough.

I told myself  that I got to live my life if I die I die but I did what I wanted to do so. What I’m saying to y’all is never and I mean never never give up fight.  Fight,  you fight until you can’t fight no more they don’t know when we are supposed to die so we live everyday like it’s the last but we going to be happy when we do.

F this I’m asking if you don’t ever ever stop fighting because they tell us we only have a certain amount of time to live they don’t have the last call for anything. God got the last call so let’s fight I’m fight until we can’t fight no more so don’t give up.

Thank you

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  1. Praise God for his blessings you are amazing I would do the same thing fight until I can’t fight any more God continue to bless you and your family

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