Financial Impact on Cancer Patients during Covid-19

Financial Impact on Cancer Patients during Covid-19

Being diagnosed with cancer already puts a burden on everyday life. During a pandemic, trying to go about your daily routine is even more stressful knowing that you are at high risk. Taking extra precautions while living with cancer is extremely important and worrisome because of its effect on the immune system. Cancer treatments are being put on halt as health officials are trying to avoid high risk patients entering an environment that is dangerous to both the staff and themselves.

Job Loss and Health Insurance

The financial impact Covid-19 has on cancer patients is truly heartbreaking and something we should all stand up for. Many patients have lost their jobs as businesses begin to close down and shorten hours resulting in little to no income coming in. With hour shortages and layoffs, patients are also at a risk when it comes to keeping their health insurance. Health insurance is vital for medication and frequent doctor visits. Without insurance many patients have no choice but to face higher fees and medical bills.

Covid-19 impact

Stay at Home and Role of Caregivers during Covid-19

Patients who continue to go through with treatments are unable to leave their homes. They have to rely on hiring a caregiver for at home treatments and medical related visits. To avoid spreading coronavirus, many cancer patients prefer to be isolated and not allow any outside visitors enter their home in fear of catching the virus.

Increase in Daily Expenses

To avoid stepping outside, ordering extra medication to reduce pharmacy visits doubles the cost of regular medication. Delivery is also an option but also comes with an extra expense. Grocery costs are also higher. Since cancer patients are trying to avoid going to stores and being exposed to big groups of people, many are opting to pay for delivery services for their necessities.

Financial Support

Trying to adjust your life during this time is stressful enough. Cancer patients being financially impacted by Covid-19 need your help navigating through these challenges. You can create either an individual or team campaign on or donate to an existing campaign on to support them.

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