Chris Jacobs Story

Chris Jacobs Story

“Here’s my story: I was just a everyday Guy until one Day My life was changed. I was on My normal route to work one morning when I was involved in a car accident I totaled out my truck. But other then that I felt fine. But I went and got myself checked out just for precaution. I went and sat at the emergency room for a few hours and they ran tests on me to check to see if anything was broken or internally wrong such as bleeding.”

“The Doctor’s found nothing at the moment just before they was about to release me another doctor steps in the room and says I would like to check you one more time. So as I sat there the doctor feels of my stomach and touched one spot that made pain shoot through my stomach almost like a hot knife being drove in me. So he sent me to have a CAT scan done and well, that’s when I found out that I had a cancerous mass in my colon. After that and a bunch of other test I had to go through was like living in my own hell.”

“28 yrs old with colon cancer not only that but I was a smoker as well so that was also a hard habit to quit after 15 years of smoking. Any who they always say when it rains it pours but God will not put nothing on anyone that you can’t handle. So later I found out I also had nodules on my lungs and esophagus that was benign thank God for that! Through out the process I at first was depressed, angry, confused because ultimately I was scared. There was so many nights I asked myself why me. I’m so young I cried I lashed out at people because I felt alone.”

“I at the time had no insurance but I had applied for Medicaid for help. The family support from my mother brother and sister was a huge help mentally. So thanks to a doctor. That stood in my corner and guided me to get the help I needed until Medicaid kicked in. It was a huge help and I will never forget that as well. So one night had this break down and I Prayed to God for a healing and to calm the waters around me and I felt toward the end of the prayer heavy eyes and sleepy. I woke up the next morning feeling positive knowing things was gonna be fine. I started thinking Positive about it this was not a sickness to kill me it was a sickness to heal me to slow me down and have me look at my life. Cancer for me was a blessing in disguise.”

”I knew it was part of God’s Plan for me. I started fighting and would not let this beat me. I later went on to have a colon resection which did not require any chemo or radiation. My surgeon removed all of the cancer AND that’s my story Chris Jacobs.”

”To whoever may be reading this and going through cancer be strong keep fighting never stop believing!”

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