Can Cancer Patients Claim Social Security Disability Benefits? / What Benefits do Cancer Patients Get?

Can Cancer Patients Claim Social Security Disability Benefits? / What Benefits do Cancer Patients Get?

Cancer is a life-debilitating health condition. It drains you not just physically and emotionally, but also financially. As cancer treatments progress, costs pile up, along with bills and bills of ancillary expenses. Any and all financial assistance at this point offers respite from the stress of this financial toxicity.

Finding suitable cancer financial support requires hours of research and a lot of calls. But here’s an easy guide to claiming social security disability benefits as a cancer patient.

Are There Any Social Security Disability Benefits for Cancer Patients?

If you intend to claim social security disability benefits from the state, there is sadly no straight answer to the ‘can cancer patients claim disability benefits’ question. Each and every cancer case is individually assessed by the SSA according to a medical guide called the Blue Book

If you are diagnosed with a cancer type that is difficult to treat or chronically problematic, you may instantaneously qualify to claim such benefits. For all other cancers, you need to go through Section 13:00 to check your own eligibility.

In addition to this, you can also claim eligibility under the ‘Medical Vocational Allowance’ section. Since cancer is an illness that requires months of not more to get treated, you can apply for instant eligibility for social security disability benefits by proving your inability to perform your work due to your illness (a condition that’s expected to remain unchanged for at least 12 months). Of course, your eligibility still depends on factors such as your age, work history, your cancer type and its impact on your earning abilities, but approval is faster and smoother for this category. People over the age of 50, people without alternative work-related skills and people with physically demanding jobs have an advantage when claiming under this section.

How to Apply for Cancer-Related Social Security Disability Benefits?

You can fill out an application online on the SSA website or you could visit an SSA office in person to fill out a physical application. Call on the SSA tollfree number (1-800-772-1213) to make an appointment.

If you are not sure that you can fill out the paperwork properly without guidance, a physical visit may save you a lot of trouble later if your paperwork has not been carefully filed. For normal cancer patients, approval can take about 5 months, but terminal patients or those in advanced stages of cancer can get their approvals within 2 weeks.

Are There Any Other Resources That Can Help Mitigate Cancer’s Financial Toxicity?

To check out other national and local financial support resources that can help you mitigate some of the financial distress caused by cancer, visit this cancer resource. This is a great resource to find non-financial benefactors as well, such as organizations that provide assistance with housing, travel and more.

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