12 Simple Ways To Support A Friend Affected By Cancer

12 Simple Ways To Support A Friend Affected By Cancer

When a friend or family is affected by Cancer our first instinct is to think. How can I help? Here we will list 12 ways you can make a difference to that friend or family member.

1. Ask your friend for permission to help. This sounds odd but each person affected by cancer deals with it in different ways and it’s best to make sure the person is ready for your assistance.

2. When together, Laugh! Laughter is always good for the heart and actually has been proven to help a patient’s wellness levels.

3. Diet and the right foods within the diet are important to the treatment of cancer, offer to go shopping. Look up the right choices of foods at sites like EverythingFood.com .

4. In line with the last suggestion, prepare the person a meal that provides the best foods to fit their dietary requirements.

5. Help them to meet with a health insurance case manager to make sure they are getting all the financial assistance they can for their medical care. Balance this by meeting with the primary hospital’s case manager who may offer a different perspective.

6. Go for a walk together.

7. Drive the person to their appointments.

8. Listen to music. Watch a movie together.

9. Help with household tasks and responsibilities.

10. Get a makeover together.

11. Workout with the person. Motivate him/her to keep going and get better.

12. Start a fund-raising program on Just4Cancer.com (when it’s live).

At Just4Cancer we provide people affected by cancer tools to educate themselves, communicate with each other and raise funds when needed. That is what we are building. We look forward to providing you the platform to accomplish those tasks and help those affected by cancer.

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